Thank you Former President Trump

Thank you for giving America the chance to be great again. Unlike anyone else, you rallied millions in your crusade, challenged the government, elevated the discourse, and rooted out the resistance. The south gave you an election, Mitch McConnel gave you a stage, and Lindsey Graham gave you a voice. Fox News contributed a megaphone for Steve Bannon, and Newt Gingrich giving voice to the spirit you embodied. You played your role as the champion and won, regardless of any election.

All you wanted is to be a benevolent leader of the people, to undo all the injustice the Department of Justice has done to you. To reform a government that would allow freedom to the loyal and jailed those who are not. If not in prisons, in the court of public opinion. And you rule that court with an iron hand.

Thank you for giving the south, and all it stood for, a voice. They feel it’s their last stand. “The South will rise again” is not just lore. In short, this is a slogan for southerners who believe they should “take pride in their heritage” even though their heritage includes a legacy of horrifying behavior. You gave them a voice. You gave them a truth through all the lies.

Thank you for pulling back from the world stage. You skillfully aligned like-minded world leaders to help you disengage. You enabled them to expand filling the void. Together, you used social media to send a message. A dog whistle custom-tailored for a global audience. We should not police the world when we can’t protect ourselves. You made it clear that half the country would kill your followers given a chance. You were right, of course. You said it enough, and it’s true, just like in many other countries, like Ukraine.

A strong man never yields. Not to process or disease. You won vs. the Chinese Virus. You convinced thousands to become infected through resistance and liberty. You lead the way, showing how future treatments will cure this illness and prevent it’s spread. You, through leadership, infected your entire Whitehouse and showed how the strong survive. You understood that if your side could survive the spread, it would bring dread to the cities of blue. A red tide, the likes of which America has never seen. Victory for the true and death to the blue.

You gave the world clarity too. America can be divided and defeated. Dividing us through chemical or biological warfare has become clear to our enemies. A Fool proof way to hamper our ambitions. Your COVID mask response was proof enough. If only you had another 4 years to complete the transformation and purge the weaker people. You know this world can’t divide the loyal. It’s not your fault. It’s not.

You did not have to read the scripts the GOP provided; you skillfully popularized them with action. You embellished with a fantastic performance. You played the lead exactly as planned. You did everything right just like they told you. Yet you lost. Why they don’t support you now is hard to understand. How very disloyal. It’s not your fault.

Mr. Former President, you laid the foundation for MAGA. Like so many other projects, built on too small a foundation, but that’s not your fault. No. It’s the fault of a Democratic Deep State so powerful it can erase its very actions as it goes. From Election fraud to green windmills, they have thwarted your people at every turn — the Democratic party was just too powerful and chipped the foundation away, so your followers failed.

Thank you for showing just how fragile our Democracy is. The world knows that American Democracy can fail now. You have shown the world that allies don’t matter unless they pay their fair share; a family can rule a country without oversight. An ignored Evangelical Right can form a theocracy and possibly apartheid. You, Mr. Former President, have made all this possible and beyond any doubt. The world can sigh a bit of relief now knowing they don’t have to live up to such a high standard anymore.

Without you, Mr. Former President, there would be no chance to reform and grow. Now that your countrymen have spoken, we can see what America is and how it can be reborn. You will focus on your loss, concentrate on your followers to raise you again, and blame many things for the ills that make up your vision. Do not concede this election. It will be more powerful to be forced out so your role as martyr can be complete.

You will, in due time, pass the torch: that immortal flame burning down a Deep State of a wretched global green Democracy. A flame igniting borders burning illegal immigrants. A flame fueled by executive actions and court appointments striking the heart of social injustice and oppressive civil liberties eroding the moral fiber of this great land.

So, while followers may have failed you in this vision of MAGA, the United States of America can be reborn to lead the world as it once did. Not in the same way, no. Better.



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