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I strongly advocate disposing of this term. Renaming the entire field Aspirational vs. Artificial would be a step in the right direction and force us to rethink the assumptions we built this industry on in the hope of a better future. If you must, please use Cognitive Intelligence as described here.

Artificial intelligence is just that, Artificial. We aspire to create intelligence, and yet we foster ignorance. Marketing has far exceeded any capacity we have to fulfill the promise. The data shows we don’t understand its practical application in most use cases. From simple mistakes in food processing control systems…

Thank you for giving America the chance to be great again. Unlike anyone else, you rallied millions in your crusade, challenged the government, elevated the discourse, and rooted out the resistance. The south gave you an election, Mitch McConnel gave you a stage, and Lindsey Graham gave you a voice. Fox News contributed a megaphone for Steve Bannon, and Newt Gingrich giving voice to the spirit you embodied. You played your role as the champion and won, regardless of any election.

All you wanted is to be a benevolent leader of the people, to undo all the injustice the Department…

There is a mantra in the silicon valley; “Measure, or it’s not meaningful.” But what does this mean in practice?

It assumes a reliable source: such as measuring profit or loss. The data source is a bank, and the measure is a simple calculation.

How to Measure the Metrics that Matter, By Chris Brahm, Mark Kovac, and Peter Guarraia, covers this topic well. It boils down to signals processed into metrics. This creates two important questions.

Where and how do we obtain the best signals?

Are the chosen signals designed to answer the question?

Real success comes from asking another…

Now, Near, Never

Activate on good behavior, and good things happen. I have created or adopted more than a few practical tools I would like to share.

Today is the three of the N solution. A simple way to work with teams and solve problems. Teams are not required; you can use this system alone. Groups tend to develop good ideas, and this model helps you inspire or grow with them.

The method is all about focused energy, time to market, and wisdom. Everyone has a good idea when creating or solving for success. Managing a flood of ideas is a problem. Too…

This simplified chart shows how moderate America feels about containment measures.

Unfortunately, much of America is currently on a See-Saw of perceptions.

Have you seen how 2020 looked in 1950? Check out this flashback. The Westinghouse All Electric Home of the Future!

This video was not only a marketing campaign for Westinghouse; it was an attraction at Disneyland for General Electric.

There is nothing wrong with having a mindful, spiritual, philosophical, or well-reasoned approach in business. In fact, it’s a great leadership tool.

There is something wrong with injecting that into the daily business. Everyone respects thoughtful leaders. They respect a position or perspective that drives company culture. But what do employees and staff respect most?

Space. A safe space to earn a living without compromising their personal space. If a corporation is a legal person, it should respect the people it’s made of.

“Corporate personhood is the legal notion that a corporation, separately from its associated human beings (like owners…

Leadership is more than winning. Leadership knows how to stage yourself and teams for success. Sometimes being a fast follower is the pace to keep. Sometimes pacing behind a leader allows you to draft and overtake them at the right moment. In both cases, it’s a conscious choice.

When I ran cross country in school, I always placed 3rd or 4th. The 1st and 2nd place runners were still miles ahead of me. I had a friendly competition for 3rd place with all the “middle” packs of runners. Sometimes, the leaders would run short and leave an opening for a…

When something goes wrong, we often hear this subtle refrain. “Just don’t let that happen again.” There are variants, to be sure, but the primary message is the same. Everyone makes a mistake or has an accident, but repeat offenders are not welcome.

When someone says these words, they project authority — especially parents. Children hear this all the time, and it sets them on a path to determine what went wrong so it won’t happen again. Often there is more than one root cause in any given incident resulting in a spiral of trial and error trying to solve…

Dropping a glass can be a meditation bell calling you to attention, breaking on impact, shattering our awareness, snapping us to reality. Our intention to place the glass safely lost. We lament what went wrong, judging ourselves and others in the aftermath. Glass, a metaphor for relationships, work, management, or living, shatters when we take our attention away, leaving our body to complete the tasks assigned. Muscle memory, don’t fail me now.

“Everyone makes mistakes.” is a timeless excuse for the moment. Often followed by, “Just don’t let it happen again.” But what did happen? What mistake did I make…


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